Won Choi Sculpture

Artist Statement

My sculptural forms grow out of the human figure, costume and the natural landscape, often merging together to reveal spiritual meaning, something I realized through meditating on the five Natural Elements. The heavens, the Milky Way, sunrays, clouds and fire, waterfalls and streaks of rain inspire me as elements of spiritual landscape and the resulting work evokes deeply subjective experiences, dream states and memories. In using the language of sculpture I make diverse associations to express my feelings about the mystery of life and existence, depicting the humanity’s harmonious relationship with the universe. Combining the human figure with nature intrigued me, coinciding as it does with the spiritual understanding that nature and I are one. We are nature. This concept has a great impact on my work.

I draw from inner feelings rather than what I see, beginning with drawings and only then seeking the medium to best express them in sculpture. I use a variety of materials; Styrofoam, wax, mash, clay, wood, FGR, resin, etc., whatever enables me to create my forms and shapes. Depending on the sculptural form I choose the medium such as metal, marble or wood for the final product. They range from 10” to 88” tall.

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