Won Choi Sculpture


"Won Choi may just constitute a one-person surrealist revival -- she employs the biomorphic vocabulary of Jean Arp and Wassily Kandinsky to arrive at medium-scale sculptures that puddle, drip and run, and even march, all for the sake of joyfully nightmarish visions in pristine white.Although her work may seem quite complicated, the spirit of the work is very simple, light and pleasant. There is nothing tortured or painful. They are lyrical and invite the viewers' imagination and participation."

~ New York critic Geritt Henry ~

Won Choi’s sculptures have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the United States and abroad, including the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, PA; the Mitchell Museum in Mt. Vernon, IL; the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, TN; the Trenton City Museum in Trenton, NJ; the Janos Pannonios University Museum in Pecs, Hungary; the Pindar Gallery in New York City; the Coconino Center for the Arts in Flagstaff, AZ; the Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia, PA; and the Grounds for Healing at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in partnership with Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. Currently, they are displayed in the University of South Dakoda and in Sioux Falls, SD with Sculpture Walk at Sioux Falls, SD. She received a B.F.A. from Hong Ik College in Seoul, Korea, and a MFA from Seoul National University and also from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. She has completed five years of doctoral studies at New York University. She was selected for a residency at the Atelier Fourwinds in Aureille, France. Her works are in several public/private collections in New York City, West Orange, NJ, Brooklyn, NY, Syracuse, NY and Seoul, Korea and Widner University in Wilmington, DL. She was born in Dae Gu and raised in Seoul, Korea and currently resides in Philadelphia, Pa.

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